While social media is a great way to attract and engage with people your website is your most important marketing communications tool. Modern websites need to be functional, easy to navigate, mobile responsive and above all have great images. Also important these days is incorporating video.
Broome Websites uses one of two website building methods – either through WordPress or Wix. Both allow us to build the website you want with all the functions you need. While the cost to develop the sites are the same, the ongoing costs will vary slightly. The WordPress sites Broome Websites build have minimal ongoing costs and operate using Divi – a user-friendly interface which allows people with an average standard of computer literacy to edit their site. Wix sites involve a slightly higher annual cost but the user interface is very easy to use, allowing those with just basic computer skills to easily edit words and text.

Which ever platform works for you - our web design services in Broome include training so that you can update and edit your new website with confidence.